[Note: participant names are not coordinated with the group photo.]

  • Prof. Dr. Abdulla Y. Al Hawaj, President, Ahlia University
  • Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor, Al Hosn University
  • Prof. Frank McIntosh, Principal & Dean, Caledonian College of Engineering
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Jorch, President, College of the North Atlantic Qatar
  • Ms. Gerlinde Sarkar, Director - Institutional Research & Planning, College of the North Atlantic Qatar
  • Mr Satish Gopinathan, Academic Affairs Manager, Dubai Knowledge Village
  • Mr Ibrahim M. Jamel, Business Development Director, Dubai Knowledge Village
  • Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Member, Operations & Planning, Higher Education Commission (HEC) - Pakistan
  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sayed Ali Osman, Vice Dean Student Affairs, Higher Technological Institute (HTI) - Egypt
  • Dr. Akif Hasan, Registrar, Iqra University
  • Dr. Faridah M. Ali, Dep. Secretary General, Private Universities Council, Ministry of Higher Education - Kuwait
  • Dr. Maiid Aldaihani, Consultant, Private Universities Council, Ministry of Higher Education - Kuwait
  • Dr Said Hamad Alrabiey, Dir. Gen. - Private Universities & Colleges, Ministry of Higher Education - Oman
  • Dr Hamad bin Ali Al-Alawi, Dep. Dir. Gen - Colleges of Education, Ministry of Higher Education - Oman
  • Dr Saleh Abdulaziz Alnassar, Dir-General-Private Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education - Saudi Arabia
  • Mr. Fahad Mohamed Al Naimi, Director, Strategic Planning, Qatar Foundation
  • Dr. Mohd A. Alhamadi, Director, Institutional Research & Planning, Qatar University
  • Dr. Khalid Naji, Assistant Director for EMC Affairs, Qatar University
    Prof. Dr. M. Qasim Jan, Vice Chancellor, Quaid-i-Azam University - Pakistan
  • Prof. Michael Irving, Vice Chancellor, Sohar University
  • Dr. Abood H. Al-Sawafi , Deputy Vice Chancellor, Sohar University
  • Prof. Yousef Abdul Ghaffar, President, The Kingdom University, Bahrain
  • Dr Esam El-Din Ibrahim Agamy, Director of Institutional Research Unit, University of Sharjah

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