Vinnie Maruggi , the recorder of Group 4, sent the record produced by that group.

The first task was to identify potential events that would affect the future of colleges and universities. The potential events Group 4 identified were as follows:

·        Increased English as a second language classes to accommodate increasing student need

The second task was to prioritize the potential events by each person in the group voting on the five most critical effects for higher education. The result:

The third task was to identify the signals that indicated that the most critical event would occur in the next five years (our planning timeline). The signals of free or low-cost Internet access available to everyone were as follows:

The fourth task was to derive the implications of the most critical event: Free or low-cost Internet access available to everyone

The final task was to draft recommended actions for college and university leaders to consider in light of this analysis. Group 4 recommended that these leaders: