George Gabriel sent in a summary report from all groups in a post-workshop session.

The three most critical events identified by all groups, their signals, and the implications for the most critical event are as follows:

Event 1: Increased Demand For IT Workers.


  1. Recruiters on campus
  2. Department of Labor Statistics
  3. High salaries of IT positions


          Less demand for liberal arts/general education

          Increased demand for curriculum changes

          Resource allocation shifted to IT programs

          Increased bifurcation in educational quality and delivery

          Well rounded education devalued

          Increased gap between rich and poor exacerbated by higher education unless specific steps are taken

          Increase in adjunct faculty to provide IT faculty

          Insufficient faculty to teach IT courses

          IT faculty salaries increase

Event 2: Legislature Requires Accountability In Learning


1.      Continued funding

2.      Increased amount of reporting.

3.      Bill tracking

4.      Change in accrediting requirements

Event 3: Majority Of Students Require Remedial Education


     1.      Increased drop-out rates of high school students

2.      Increased sections of remedial courses

3.      Increase of under-prepared recent high school graduates

4.      Increase in number of students with limited English skills

5.      A majority of students have poor English language skills