Welcome to the Horizon site. Our mission is to inform educators about the challenges that they will face in a changing world and steps they can take to meet these challenges. We strive to accomplish this mission by using the Horizon site, workshops and seminars, conferences, and presentations to explore and extend our thinking as an educational community. In addition, we provide a wealth of links in the Educational On-Ramp section to valuable Web data sources that provide historical data and informed discussion related to the future of education. As noted at the bottom of every page on the Horizon site, you are free to use this material for educational purposes. 

Our History

In 1992, James L. Morrison founded the print publication On the Horizon, which informs educational leaders of the implications of change in the external world and provides recommendations for action to address these implications. In October 1994, he created the Horizon site, which is becoming a major information source for educational leaders. 

In December 1995, UNC-Chapel Hill transferred ownership of On the Horizon to Jossey-Bass Publishers, who became a sponsor of the Horizon site from January 1996 through June 1998 and retained James Morrison as editor. In January 1998 we began production of OTH On-Line, the electronic version of On the Horizon, on the Horizon site, under contract with Jossey-Bass Publishers. In April 2000 Jossey-Bass Publishers sold On the Horizon to Camford Publishing, (United Kingdom) who in November 2001 sold it to to another UK publisher, MCB University Press, who, in turn, sold it to Emerald Group Publishing where it continues to be available in online and print form.

In 1997, Microsoft and UNC-Chapel Hill contracted for Microsoft sponsorship of the Horizon site and for Professor Morrison to produce and edit The Technology Source, a free, bimonthly e-journal to inform faculty and educational leaders as to how they can use these tools to enhance teaching, learning, and effective administration. This contract was not renewed, but in July 1998 Microsoft transferred the journal to UNC-Chapel Hill, and became a sponsor until July 2000. SCT became a sponsor of the Horizon Web site and The Technology Source in July 1998, followed by Compaq and Smart Force. In October, 2001, UNC-Chapel Hill transferred ownership of TS to the Michigan Virtual University, where Professor Morrison served as editor-in-chief through the November/December 2003 issue, at which time it was archived until April 2005. In May 2005, the UNC Health Policy and Administration Executive Master's Programs provided the funds necessary to establish The Technology Source Archives at the University of North Carolina on UNC's open access ibiblio web site so that this valuable resource would continue to be available to the educational community.

In March 2004, Professor Morrison was appointed as editor-in-chief of Innovate, a new online peer-reviewed journal that focused on the creative use of information tools to enhance active learning methods irrespective of sector (K-12, colleges and universities, corporate universities). He served as editor through Volume Five (August-September, 2009) at which time the publisher, the Fischler School of Education and Human Services, Nova Southeastern University, ceased publication and archived the journal.

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