Integrating Productivity Tools in Primary and Secondary Education


Below are articles (some still in draft form) describing how teachers have integrated technology into their instruction. If you wish to contribute an article for this collection, please send it to James L. Morrison.
Edited Chapters to be Reviewed by Authors
Using Computers in High School Social Studies
George Cassutto
Five Big Macs and Me: How I learned to Love Computers Instead of Fearing Them
Karla K. Davis
Crossing the Great Divide
Steve Gunter
Using 'Telematics' for Curriculum Sharing:Some thoughts on the BT project, 'Tomorrow's Customers'
Gordon James
Student-Writers on the Web
Ted Nellen
GrassRoots: Catalyst for Change
Ann K. Parsons, Bob Zenhausern, Dawn Martin and John Leone.
Technology Volunteers in the Classroom: Extending Classroom Technology Capabilities and Opportunities
Nancy K. Schubert
Designing a Server with a K-8 School in Mind
Bonnie Thurber and Bob Davis
C-MODE Pedagogy: Computer-Mediated Online and Distant Education Constructional English
Harvey Wheeler
Three Pieces of good News for Technological Reform in Education.
Mihkel Pilv
Project Laptop: Achieving Equity and Access to Technology in a Public High School.
Jane Trombley

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