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This section of Horizon Home Page consists of commentary and analysis of nominated issues challenging education. (Click here for further information.) Some issues have just been nominated for consideration and comment; others are full blown issue briefs, most of which were developed by students in a course taught by James L. Morrison, EDSP 287, The Social Context of Educational Leadership. Please assist us in this enterprise. Our objective is to provide a space for analysis and commentary of critical issues.

Please consider posting issue briefs for those issues you consider most critical. Each issue brief should address the following questions:

  • What is the issue focus?
  • What is the background of the issue?
  • What are the forces driving the issue?
  • Where is the issue going? What are its prospects?
  • What are the implications of the issue for (any or all levels) of education?
  • What should educational leaders do?

E-mail your issue brief to, or mail a disk and hard copy of the issue brief to:

James L. Morrison
On the Horizon
CB 3500, Peabody Hall
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Your brief will be edited and posted on this page.

1997 Papers
Developing Manageable Systems of Care in Education
Michael D. Wilhoit
Funding Education in an Older America
Dorothy Mebane, Archie Ervin, and Chuck Nolan
Preparing Educators for Multicultural Classrooms
Carolyn M. Penny, Albert Forney, and Tanya Millner-Harlee
Improving The Perception Of Public Education
Amy Anderson, Rick Evans, Rich Kozak, and Blair Peterson
Teacher Attrition: Is Time Running Out?
Janice Croasmun, Donald Hampton, and Suzannah Herrmann
Bringing Teachers and Technology Together in the Classroom: An Overview
Linda Jewel and Michael Manning
Today's Fad or Tomorrow's Future?
Jesse Dingle, Lisa Napp, Wendy Gooch, and Alicia Kelly
School Safety: What's Being Done and Where Is It Going?
Erin Black, Jim DeBerjeois, Annice Hood, and Pat Lane
The Implications of School Choice
Rob Matheson and P. Kayren McKnight
The New Dropouts
Wanda DeVane, Gloria Jones, Linda Lowrance, and Becky Viersen
New Directions: Teachers and Technology For The 21st Century
Virginia Cardenas, Gus Gillespie, Chris Mace, and Scott Scheuer
1999 Papers

One more time: The social promotion debate

Jeremy Stevens, Lorraine Tuck, and Fara Zimmerman
2001 Papers

Technology and Global Education: The Present and the Promise

James Veitch and Pi-Kuei Tu

Help Wanted: One Million+ Good Women and Men  

Jim Veitch, Pi-Kuei Tu, Renee Franklin, and John Pendergrass

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